“Venture Cinema Movie Time” fundraiser program

Everybody loves watching movies on the Big Screen and have a special family time, what a better way to have a fundraiser while people enjoy a movie and have fun!

We are pleased to introduce our “VENTURE CINEMA MOVIE TIME” fundraiser program to public school, churches and other non-profit organizations located in Gwinnett and other surrounding counties.

Our generous program will donate to qualified organizations, a percentage of the concessions sales generated by the organization’s supporters during the day of the fundraiser event.

The Donations:

– The organization will receive from 15-20% of the concession sales (on weekends and holidays will receive 15% and on weekdays 20%) generated by the organization’s supporters.
– Please note that movie ticket sales are not included due to the low margin that they represent.
– Some restrictions apply and are disclosed during the booking process.

Our prices are very affordable:

Movie tickets are only $3.50 for regular 2D movies and $5 for 3D movies, also our concessions prices are the lowest compared to other theaters in the area!

Live the DIGITAL experience!

We’ve converted our theater from the old 35mm format into DIGITAL. Now, you can enjoy superb High Definition Video and Crystal Clear Audio. We also totally remodeled the auditoriums including new seats, the main hall, the lobby, the concessions stand, the new main entrance and the box office.

We offer our regular showtimes that usually include: G, PG, PG13 and rated R movies. This way you can take advantage and invite all type of audiences to support your fundraiser. Parents can enjoy the movie with their children as a family, or if your organization wants to provide adult supervision for the children while their parents, or teens enjoy a different movie suitable for them, so everybody enjoy the movie of their choice.

Movie changes.

Some movies might change without prior notification. Usually, new movies are published on our website and social media sites on Thursday night or Friday morning.

Attendees to the fundraiser could win a 32 GB iPad!!!

– We provide to your organization a printable letter size flyer in both English and Spanish.
– Attendees can participate by purchasing $20 or more in concessions items.
– The winner of the iPad will be announced sometime in June and another one in December. (subject to change).

What do you need to do?

To make sure you have a very successful fundraiser, all you have to do is book your fundraiser event and PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE; and we’ll take care of the rest.

Signing up it’s easy and only takes a few seconds!

Please book your event using the widget below (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WIDGET ONLY SHOWS 12:30 PM or 3:30 PM EVENTS THAT LAST 4 HOURS BUT IN REALITY IT’LL COVER ALL DAY SHOWS). On holidays and weekends we open at 12:30 pm, so you’ll have one extra showtime those days.


If you have any questions please contact Eduardo Silva at: eduardo@venturecinema.net

*Valid for local 501c3 organizations. We reserve the right to accept or reject any organization.
The iPad sweepstakes entries will be combined with all the organizations participating in our fundraiser program from January to June, and another one from July to December.
Some restrictions apply.
The terms and conditions might change at any time without notification.